LinkedIn Shows 150,000+ Open Jobs in DFW

Other metrics show more open jobs in DFW than in Houston & Austin combined

By any metric, Dallas-Fort Worth is growing quickly.

For example, a check of the online job and social networking site LinkedIn shows that there are more than 150,000 open jobs available in North Texas.

“That LinkedIn number is consistent and within the range for open position in the region, based on information we see from other platforms we track,” said Darren Grubb, Senior Vice President of Communications and Marketing for the Dallas Regional Chamber.

Grubb pointed to the CEB/Gartner’s Talent Neuron analytical tool which shows that the DFW Metro currently has 124,000 open jobs listed, which is more than all of the open jobs shown in the Austin area (40,000) and Houston (75,000) combined.

According to a January report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among the dozen largest metropolitan areas in the United States, Dallas had both the highest job growth rate and the most jobs added from November 2016 to November 2017.

“We create more than 100,000 jobs every year, and since 2010 we’ve added 1,000,000 new residents,” Grubb said. “That growth has been fueled by the relocations of more than 106 corporate headquarters, hundreds of local company expansions and the enduring appeal of our low cost environment.”

Job growth has kept head hunters busy in their efforts to match companies with new, top talent.

“When you think about the supply and demand of top talent here in DFW, demand far outweighs supply. It is a candidate’s market,” said Mark Malone, Senior Regional President of Robert Half Finance & Accounting. “The sentiment that we get from our clients is there is no slow down, and it’s only going to become a war for talent. It actually already is a war for talent, so it’s only going to get worse.”

Malone oversees Robert Half’s effort to place people in the fields of finance and accounting, both of which are growing sectors in North Texas.

The most recent Beige Book released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, which is a report on regional economic activity, noted that hiring rose “at a markedly faster pace” in the sectors of manufacturing and retail than in the previous six weeks studied.

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