Lingering Cold? It Could Be Winter Allergies

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Allergies are possible all year round in North Texas.

When we think of allergies, we think spring, plants blooming and new growth. Despite the recent hard freezes, there are still some allergens that could be causing you irritation. That lingering cold you have been battling could be allergies.

The main pollens this time of year are weeds. Ragweed, sagebrush, marsh elder, pig weed, Russian thistle and lambs quarter are the main culprits.

When the temperature drops we spend more time indoors. A few days this week it was too cold to go outside! Lows were in the 20s and highs in the 30 and 40s. All that extra time inside could be why you are sniffling and sneezing. Dust mites, fungus/ mold and pet dander are common allergens in your home.

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Before the Storm
Weather Safety
Stay Safe During a Hail Storm
At Home?
  • Head indoors immediately
  • If time allows, close all drapes, blinds or shades to prevent broken glass from entering your home.
  • Stay away from windows and skylights (any exterior glass) and head to a safe location inside your home, ideally only with interior walls.
  • Cover your head and seek shelter indoors immediately.
  • If you are trapped outside, get to a low-lying area and try to protect your head. Use clothing if it's all you have.
  • Stay inside your vehicle.
  • Slow down or pull over and stop at a safe location. DO NOT stop under a highway overpass. You may be protecting your vehicle, but you could be forcing other people to stop behind you.
  • Turn your back to windows or cover yourself with a blanket, coat or spare clothing to protect yourself from breaking glass.
  • If you have a sunroof, try to find something to protect your head.


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