Arlington Neighborhood Shines Bright For Christmas

Lights at Interlochen shine bright and early

An annual tradition in one Arlington neighborhood is bigger and better than ever. 

While Saturday night is the official start of the Lights at Interlochen, on Friday night residents gave folks a sneak preview of the beautiful lights that decorate the houses.

"We've always put lights up on the house and every year we kind of come up with a different idea," said Interlochen resident, Linda Black.

From the blue reindeer to a larger than life Frosty the Snowman, residents in Interlochen go all out for the annual tradition of the Lights at Interlochen.

"We started putting up lights until the circuit breakers popped and that's when we stopped," said Interlochen resident, Wendell Black.

It's not just the lights that are already up.  There are also signs in place to make sure everyone driving through the neighborhood knows where to go when they come out to enjoy the holiday lights.

"The city cut back on some of the traffic management this year, so it'll maybe be a little more interesting than it has in the past years to get in and out," said Wendell.

"Well we don't look forward to the traffic coming down the street when we want to get out of our street," Black said.

For 23 years, Linda and Wendell Black have found joy in sharing their holiday spirit with passers-by who drive through their neighborhood to get into the festive mood.  They too were part of that crowd once.

"(I) always enjoyed driving through the neighborhood, when we first got here, to see the lights," said Wendell Black.  "So when we chose the property and built the house we always anticipated we'd be participating."

Now they're keeping the tradition alive.

"We do enjoy doing it for everyone else to enjoy," said Linda Black.

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