Lightning Strike Destroys Sanger Home

As severe storms blew through North Texas Saturday, Rick Pritchett and his wife Carole heard a thunder clap and a loud pop -- then they smelled smoke.

Rick Pritchett told NBC 5 he went outside their home in Sanger at about 7:30 p.m. and saw flames shooting out of their attic.

"We just grabbed our essentials.  Wallet, cell phones her purse and got out of there," said Pritchett.

The family cat got out, too.

The roof is gone and Pritchett said the house they had lived in since 2010 is a total loss. The insurance company has them in a hotel while they figure out where they're going to stay long-term. Neighbors are also coming by to lend support.

"I feel lucky to get out of there and we were able to save the personal items, the memento-type stuff. Pretty much everything else can be replaced."

While NBC 5 got video of the aftermath of the fire, Carol Pritchett found a box in the rubble that was unscathed.

Inside the box was the nice, new watch she got her husband for his birthday on Monday. She gave it to him right then.

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