Lightning Sparks Home Fires Across North Texas

Strong storms moved through the Metroplex around 2 a.m. Thursday, causing a flurry of lightning activity.

NBC 5 has learned of at least seven instances of lightning striking homes overnight.

Three homes were struck by lightning in Plano, two of which suffered fire damage.

Two homes were struck and caught fire in Frisco, as well as one in Lewisville and at least one in Richardson.

“About 2:15am there was a big ol’ lightning bolt and it made a bomb noise and a few minutes later there was another one,” said Renee Griffith. “So, we were sleeping and my mom says, 'I smell smoke,' and we’re next-door-neighbors, so respectfully we get up and we go out to check on it, and my brother first and then me I followed to look, and he went over to ding the door bell and we found out they got out. We were praying for the family.”

Several of the fires damaged the homes so badly the families who live there are forced to find somewhere else to stay.

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