Lightning Sparks Big House Fire

Homeowner escapes fire with dog in her arms.

Lightning struck the roof of a home in Keller around noon on Friday causing a huge fire that left the home destroyed.

"I was sitting there watching tv and I heard this terribly loud boom," said homeowner Janice Litaker.
She called 9-11 as the home quickly filled with smoke and the operator told her to get out immediately.
Ms Litaker managed to grab the family dog, Toby, and both made it out safely.
"I mean I'm glad that we weren't hurt," Janice said tearfully, "But I'm heartbroken how could you see your house go up in flames and not be?"
Firefighters from six surrounding communities came in to assist the Keller Fire Department.
Chief Dan Gaumont said the flames were leaping "30 to 40 feet" off the roof when Keller Firefighters first arrived.
Strong winds from storm threatened neighboring homes, but firefighters were able to keep it contained.
The Fire Marshal estimated the loss at 700-thousand dollars for the home and at least 100-thousand dollars for the contents.
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