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Lewisville's Police Chief to Retire in August, Ending 40-Year Career

After four decades on the job, Lewisville's police chief has decided to call it a career. It's one that's been marked by a lot of changes in how police do their jobs.

"In May, it's going to be 40 years," explained Chief Russ Kerbow. "That's as long as anybody should stay in any job."

Word of Kerbow's retirement was announced on Thursday. He will step aside in August.

When Kerbow joined the Lewisville Police Department in May 1978, he was the department's 33rd officer. Now, Lewisville has 158 sworn officers. The department has grown as Lewisville has — a population of fewer than 10,000 four decades ago has swelled to 110,000 residents now.

Times have changed. So have the types of crimes police investigate.

"It used to be someone would steal your lawnmower or bicycle from your yard, or break into your car or home," Kerbow said. "Now, a lot of crime is done online."

Social media is a big help for police in solving some crimes. But it's also a popular tool used by criminals. The chief sees cybercrime as law enforcement's biggest ongoing challenge.

In a long career, there's also the one that got away. Kerbow says the case that stands out for him was the 2010 murder of Maria Corona, a Lewisville mother of six who was decapitated with a chainsaw. Jose Corona is suspected of killing his wife. Police believe he is in Mexico.

"That's one that's kind of hanging out there that I wish I could say the case was closed," he said.

Kerbow says when he retires, he'll miss the people the most — the ones whom he served, and served alongside.

"The people you work with, I've told people it's what keeps you sane whenever things are going crazy around you," he said.

Kerbow looks forward to spending time with his wife of 35 years, Becky Kerbow, who's a Denton County judge. She is also retiring, and happens to also be an artist. The couple recently purchased their retirement home on Lake Lewisville and say art and travel are in their future. That, and seeing where the road takes them.

"Just looking forward to the next chapter in life," the chief said.

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