North Texas

Lewisville Students Show That Kind Words Matter

Teenage years can sometimes be difficult and awkward. Students at Lewisville High School are trying to change that.

As classmates walked into the high school Tuesday they were met with encouraging words, many written on clothespins handed out by student government members. It's part of an effort called Operation Beautiful aimed to transform the way young people see themselves.

"There's so much positivity going on," said Michelle Tran, a Lewisville senior. "So much spirit in this school."

Tran said a simple "hello" or other words of encouragement can go a long way for a struggling classmate. After all, being a teenager isn't always easy.

"It really isn't," said Allison Stamey, the school's Student Activity director. "A lot of times our students are a little insecure. They don't feel like they fit in, but they do."

Stamey brought Operation Beautiful to the school five years ago. Girls are urged to not wear makeup. Boys wear white t-shirts. The message: beauty is on the inside.

And kind words matter.

"It's great to really look nice," said Stamey. "But you don't need the makeup and all the fixings to show your true beauty."

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