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Lewisville Lake Flooding Homes; Closed to Boaters

Heavy rains and high water has led to the closure of Lewisville Lake to boaters. In addition, homeowners around the lake are trying to protect their homes from encroaching flood waters.

On Saturday, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed the entire lake to boaters to ensure public safety.

In a media release, the Corps said in part: "Wakes created by boaters could potentially flood homes and damage property adjacent to the elevated shoreline. Additionally, debris and underwater obstructions create hazardous conditions so all persons around the lake are urged to stay aware of changing conditions."

Lewisville Lake homeowner Ron Lipham knows the danger well.

"The boats don't realize when they come down the middle of the lake, or closer to the edge of the lake, by the time their wake gets to the shore, it's pretty big," Lipham said. "It can be pretty destructive."

Waves of water crashed up against houses on the Frisco side of Lewisville Lake. On Saturday, the Smoot family had to deal with yards, decks, sheds and swimming pools submerged under lake water.

Neighbors are helping each other out, setting up sandbags and clearing debris.

"We're just trying to put some sandbags down and keep it from going into our house," Stacy Smoot said.

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