Lewisville Distillery Makes Hand Cleaning Product for Public

Bendt Distilling Co. is providing free hand cleaning bottles to public

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North Texas distilleries may be forced to close tours and tasting bars for now, but some are turning lemons into lemonade.

Or in their case, an alcohol-by product into hand cleaner; a product that’s pretty hard to find on many store shelves.

Folks lined up in front of Bendt Distilling Co. in Lewisville.

The doors to the tasting room may be closed but the public is still able to walk up and receive a little help in a bottle.

“We’ve been looking everywhere,” exclaimed Jennifer Bowden.

“We’re so thankful that people are turning their breweries into hand sanitizer factories.”

The decision was made by Natasha DeHart who co-owns the distillery.

“We make whiskey in our usual lives and right now we’re making hand cleaner,” she said.

DeHart says she first made a batch after having a difficult time finding hand sanitizer for her employees.

Customers then took notice and asked if they too could have some.

“We’re fine with giving it away and we’ll keep giving it away as long as we can,” said DeHart.

DeHart says they are following recommendations from the CDC that require hand cleaners contain at least 60% alcohol by volume.

“We’re keeping it well above the CDC requirement,” she said.

Their's has 70% alcohol by volume, plus filtered water, xanthan gum and a drop of essential oil for fragrance.

“Everyone right now is nervous so if there’s anything we can do to help people feel a little more secure it makes it worth it,” said DeHart.

The bottles are available to the public from 12 p.m to 3 p.m, Monday through Friday.

DeHart says they just received new guidelines from the CDC and will be making a new batch Thursday or Friday.

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