#SomethingGood: Lewisville 4th Graders Inspired by Sick Classmate Launch Toy Drive

A school in the Lewisville ISD is bringing happiness to kids who could use a shot of something good.

The kids at Castle Hills Elementary took a cue from a classmate and launched a school-wide toy drive.

They collected 1,500 toys to stock the toy closet at Children's Medical Center Dallas.

And, they did it to honor classmate Avery Pacheco.

"Avery was diagnosed with leukemia at the end of August," said mom Emily Pacheco. "It was kind of a shock. She went from being a normal healthy, 9-year-old to being sick quickly."

Avery Pacheco has not returned to school but a robot allows her to be present with her classmates on the days she feels up to it.

Such as days like when her fourth grade classmates packed the gym to box up the toys donated by students at Castle Hills Elementary and get them to the hospital where Avery gets her care.

"I felt very good about it 'cause I'm happy I'm helping someone," said classmate Rahul Meghani.

Avery's friends miss her and the joy she brings to their days.

"Her smile is gorgeous. You see it and you're smiling," said fourth grader Jenice Mathew.

"When you're having a bad day, she can pick you up by smiling," agreed Olivia Faraday.

T-shirts with the words Team Bravery also show how proud they are to know Avery and how much they want her back with them.

"We added a 'b-r' because she's very brave to fight through this," Meghani said.

Her classmates are in this fight with brave Avery -- and just waiting for her big return.

The toy drive at Castle Hills Elementary was part of a kindness challenge where every grade is stepping up to do something that to help others.

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