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Let Wayne Buy It: Window Wonderland

The holiday season is upon us, and North Texans love to show our holiday spirit by putting up lights and decorations on our homes. We Let Wayne Buy the Window Wonderland to see if it can bring your holiday decorating up a notch.

You've likely seen the Star Shower Laser Light Show, the mini projector you stick in your yard that projects thousands of little tiny lights all over your house. It was one of the hottest pre-holiday products last year.

Well, this year the company is back at it with the Window Wonderland.

The product promises to turn your windows into mini movie screens, showing images of Santa walking through your home, or just some festive holiday scenes.

We tried the Window Wonderland out with some kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Grand Prairie, and they knew all about it from seeing it advertised on TV.

But does it work?

First, we had to measure our window. I left that to the kids. We had to attach Velcro strips to the window and cut the screen to just the right size.

The kids felt it wasn't very pretty, but that's mainly my fault. They said I took too long to cut and place the screen. But if your attention span is longer than a third grader's, I think you'll be OK.

Once we placed the projector and flipped the switch in the classroom, they were loving it.

The kids did notice our projector was not as vivid and bright as it was on the commercial. Adjusting the focus was a two-person job, because one person has to be inside to adjust it while someone else is outside to tell you if it's clear.

So here's the question, would they want to spend money on it?

Charleston says, "We would totally spend our money on this, it takes a while but it's all worth it."

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