Let Wayne Buy It: Simply Straight Brush

Some of us see physical flaws in ourselves that others don't, whether it's skin, teeth or hair.

As long as Victoria Willis can remember, she wished her hair looked differently.

"I was like I wanted my hair straight, and then I got to middle school and straightened it all the time and then it started to break out," said Willis.

She says she has tried many curly hair products and once had to cut her hair really short after one attempt went wrong.

The Simply Straight Brush sounds like a dream. It says you simply brush to straighten and get salon quality results.

We cracked it open and heated it up.

The directions called for separating the hair into small sections.

We started at the root and brushed down to the tip.

Victoria said the ends of her hair weren't getting helped by the brush.

The Simply Straight Brush didn't get her stamp of approval, but her curly hair does.

She says once she hit college she finally started to embrace her curly hair.

The makers of the Simply Straight Brush told us "as with any beauty product, a user's results may vary depending on the amount of time brushing, how the product is used, the texture and thickness of the user's hair and the type and amount of products or treatments used in the hair in advance."

They suggested we try the professional version of the Simply Straight Brush, Victoria thinks she'll just stick with a flat-iron.

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