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Let Wayne Buy It: Rapid Cookers

A new product claims it can make ramen noodles, bake brownies and cook other items quickly and easily in the microwave.

Rapid Brands' Rapid Ramen cooker promises to make it easier and faster to cook cheap eats.

Ricky Musgrove and Maia Gunn are getting settled in on campus at Texas Christian University. The upper-classmen say cooking for themselves is one of the hardest adjustments to living off campus.

There's no time and it can be expensive. It's one reason Musgrove likes ramen noodles.

We opened the Rapid Ramen cooker, followed the directions, printed right on the pan and microwaved the noodles for three minutes.

Musgrove says they came out cooked perfectly.

We asked Gunn to tackle dessert.

She tried the Rapid Brownie baker, promising to make that in a snap as well.

It came with its own handy measuring cup, which was a good thing because Musgrove didn't have one in his kitchen.

We ran into an issue where the brownie mix told us to use two eggs, and the cooker wanted just one, so we listened to the cooker.

It was a messier process than the ramen noodles, but after three-and-a-half minutes in the microwave, the brownies didn't look too good, but the students felt they tasted great.

Rapid Brands told us results vary with different microwaves and brownie mixes. Betty Crocker is their favorite.

The cookers were on sale for $3.99 each at Target. They normally cost $4.99, and they have rapid cookers for other types of food as well.

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