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Let Wayne Buy It: Hottest Toys of 2017

We put the Hottest Toys of 2017 in the hands of kids to see if they live up to their title.

Meet the team of testers: Alyssa, Alice, Alexis, Priscilla and her little sister, Cailyn. Those last two, they call me dad.

The kids only got one direction: jump in and have fun.

These third grade girls jumped at the karaoke machine inspired by tween sensation Jojo Siwa. Being a dad, I reminded them we already had a karaoke machine. My daughter Priscilla tried to convince me that the one she already had was completely different.

"You can't connect it to a phone to play your own. You can only play your CDs," she said.

Next up was the Aura Indoor Drone. It was like a hot potato — every kid wanted a turn.

Alyssa got worried that it might be too late for her to get the toy for Christmas.

"Um, I already gave Santa my Christmas list," she said. But she assured me that she would definitely add it to her list if she could.

While designed for indoors — beware. Ours wound up upside-down on a ledge of a 20 foot ceiling, and when we got it down the drone's housing cracked and it no longer flew.

We reached out to the makers of the drone because it was pretty cool. They said, "Aura despite its superpowers, is a toy-grade product and under certain rare circumstances the cage may become cracked or broken."

They said they have a support team to help you replace it, if it happens to you.

Other toys, like the Fur Real Roarin' Tyler the Tiger, got lots of attention.

My 3-year-old wasn't into the lifelike Baby Luvabella, but Alexis sure was.

"Well, she does open her mouth really well when you say, 'Open up'…or if you do the airplane to her, she'll open her mouth," Alexis said.

The girls were sad to see them go. There were tears when the tiger had to go back in the box.

Each hot toy had one thing in common: they're loud and sometimes need parental assistance.

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