Let Wayne Buy It: Glamalook Eye Lift Strips

There's a product that promises naturally beautiful, youthful eyes for less than $30. Before you buy it, let Wayne try it.

Holly Henderson isn't a fan of a so called slight droop in her right eye.

"I see it everyday!" Henderson said.

She is a skin care expert who knows a thing or two about beauty. She says eyes are tough to tackle, so she jumped at the chance to try Glamalook, which promises an instant lift of the eyelid for $29.99.

She and Wayne read the instructions, cleaned their faces with makeup removed and pressed the strips into place.

They weren't fans at first, but once you move the strip around, things get better – much better.

"I am pleasantly surprised. I would try it out, maybe if you had an event to go to or for whatever reason, if your allergies have been bad. It could help give you a little lift," Henderson said.

When Wayne tried the strips, he had a lot more trouble getting them anywhere near where they should go, but when he got it, it was instantly the magic spot and you could see the eyelid pop up.

They both think it works, but requires significant work to apply it in the right spot. They also found the strips fell as you rub them in the Texas heat.

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