Let Wayne Buy It: Fur Wizard

The Fur Wizard says it works quickly and easily to clear the fur off of almost anything. NBC 5's Wayne Carter bought it to find out how it lives up to the claims.

We took the Fur Wizard to the SPCA of Texas, where you can fall in love with the cutest furry friends and easily get convinced to add a little one to your family.

You don't have to look that closely to see the fur left right on the workers' clothes, so we broke out the Fur Wizard.

The device comes with a lot of stuff. There's a big over-sized lint brush, a big over-sized cleaning device for the brush and then a small travel version.

Maura Davies' shirt was covered in a lot of fur.

"Rabbit and cat and dog [fur] all at once. Mostly rabbit," she said.

She took one big swipe with the Fur Wizard.

"Wow! That's not bad, pretty quick," Davies said. "I was not expecting this. It works well with either hand."

"I kinda like this, because it's consistent, and it doesn't look like it's a whole lot of effort," added Victoria Albright, of the SPCA.

We also saw all the fur trapped in the cleaning tool and weren't sure how to get it out at first. With more use, we found it did eventually build up and easily emptied out of the bottom.

We wondered how it handled more delicate fabric and found not only did it not harm Albright's light sweater, but seemed to refresh it.

It's pretty clear the Fur Wizard was a winner.

"[My sweater] actually looks better," Albright said.

Fur Wizard is priced at just $12 at Walmart.

The travel version is not double-sided, and it is smaller, so it's not nearly as fast, but did clean very well, too.

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