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Let Wayne Buy It: Flippin Fantastic

Pancakes can sometimes be hard to cook. But there's a new product out there that says it can help. Before you spend your cash, let Wayne try it.

Bring up pancakes and I bring in Priscilla, an 8-year-old expert pancake consumer who happens to be my daughter.

She says I burn my pancakes, and she's right. I leave them on too long, worried they didn't set enough to flip, which is why I wanted to try Flippin Fantastic.

The product's commercial says it is "the fast, easy way to make perfect pancakes as good as Grandma's."

So we traveled to Watauga, to Chef Point Cafe. It's been on national TV for being a full-service gas station on the outside and serving fabulous food on the inside.

Chef Franson Nwaeze was willing to try out Flippin Fantastic.

After reading the instructions, we cured the plastic device in a hot pan and gave it a whirl.

"It's not staying flat," Nwaeze said.

The pancake batter poured out the bottom and it seemed to run together on top.

We tried again with less batter to the "fill line" as instructed, and we held down the Flippin Fantastic. As we flipped, some batter fell out. So we tried again and waited longer, but they burned.

We changed batter amounts and the heat of the stove. We used a pan and a griddle before finally getting some that kind of worked.

We tried eggs, too, but the results were about the same. Nwaeze wasn't convinced that you should shell out the cash for the product.

The makers of the Flippin Fantastic tell NBC 5 Responds that if it was cured, it should have laid flat in the pan and the pancake batter should not move much when poured.

They provided us a video to show how it worked in their kitchen and told us very thin batter could run, so thicker batter is better to making it work.

But Nwaeze says it's "just a gadget for someone who doesn't know how to flip a pancake."

So it's for someone like me!

His advice: find someone to teach you how to flip a flapjack.

After my quick lesson I brought the new skills home.

"It's good, Daddy!" Priscilla said.

Daughter approved.

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