Let There Be Light … Along I-30


Drivers on Interstate 30 in Grand Prairie will soon be able to see the light again, two years after thieves stripped the copper out of light poles along the highway.

The city is planning to install new streetlights that make it harder for thieves to take the copper out and turn the lights off. The new poles will go in near Beltline Road all the way to the Dallas city limit.

Jovanny Cabral goes to work when it's dark. The pump-truck driver said the hardest part of driving on a dark interstate is watching out for road debris.

"If you have debris, you're going to hit it," he said. "You're not going to be able to swerve around it that quick, because it's dark out there."

Allen Purtle drives I-30 from Weatherford to Dallas. The truck driver said he doesn't like working at night on a dark interstate.

"I like it when it's lit up at night," he said. "Some of us work the second shift, and we're out at night and, like, (when) it's fixing to storm, (the) lights help out a lot."

The installation is scheduled to be finished in October.

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