Less Requirements, More Electives For TX HS Students

New guidelines reduce technology, health, and PE requirements

High school students across Texas will have more electives as soon as this year.

The Texas State Education Commission has reduced four semesters of previously required coursework -- including two semesters of computer technology, one semester of PE, and one semester of health education -- from the 26 credit Recommended High School Program used by most students.

Commissioner Robert Scott issued the announcement in a letter to superintendents on Monday, which stated that the new standards would be effective immediately. "All students will be able to graduate under the high school graduation requirements beginning in the 2009-10 school year," Scott wrote.

Under the new guidelines, students will need four years in English, Math, Science, and Social studies, two years in Foreign Language, one year in Physical education, one year in fine arts, and six elective courses to graduate under the Recommended plan.

Some school districts include plans that require more credits of coursework in subject areas like Foreign Language.

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