Leigh Steinberg Holding an Agent Academy at SMU

So many people think they want to get involved in the agent business. They think they want to represent athletes and turn their life into an episode of HBO's "Ballers". That transition is not as easy as it seems though. One way to improve your chances at making it in that field is Leigh Steinberg's "Agent Academy", coming up June 25 on the campus of SMU in Dallas. 

Leigh came on the Newy Scruggs NBC Sports Radio show and discussed what his agent academy is all about. Steinberg's academy will help teach prospective agents about the ethics and values he has lived by throughout his career, as well as how to recruit, negotiate, work on branding, develop marketing strategies, work with charitable foundations, and most importantly effectively implementing “damage control”.

Leigh believes one of the most important parts of being an agent is understanding psychology. People who aim to be agents major in a multitude of things, but it would not hurt to combine business, law and psychology courses.

Listen to Newy Scruggs' interview with Leigh Steinberg for information about the academy and more, or go to SteinbergSports.com

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