Dallas Cowboys

Learning About Concussions at North Texas Football Clinic

Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic hosted hundreds of children Monday at AT&T Stadium.

On the agenda, children and parents took part in a concussion discussion with Children's Health.

The clinic is designed to promote the game of football to youth throughout North Texas with safety as a priority.

Parents learned about current concussion research and training that's provided to coaches.

"It makes you feel better with them out there that someone knows what they're doing and if they're in a bad position, someone knows to get them out of that position," Chris Hughes, a father of an attendee, said.

"Helmets are advancing," Tyrone Crawford, defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys told reporters. "Shoulder pads are advancing. We have people that are constantly trying to let us know and let the youth know that these are things you need to be aware of."

Zebulon Bradley, whose 14-year-old son Ian was at the clinic, said it's a message that reaches beyond field.

"They communicate with one another. The information that they give helps teach others. Kids listen to kids before they listen to parents," Bradley said.

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