LBJ Freeway Nightmare Explained

Today we're learning more about the cause of the traffic nightmare on Interstate-635/LBJ in Dallas Tuesday.

You may have seen the video or photos of vehicles facing every direction on the roadway.

Dallas police say they got a call at about 1 p.m. Tuesday that there was an injury accident on eastbound LBJ near Audelia Road.

AS officers were responding to that crash, there were more wrecks -- at least seven in all --- behind it.

That led to a lengthy traffic backup, which of course made some drivers very testy. Some of those impatient drivers decided to turn around and drive against the flow of traffic in futile attempts to break free of the pack.

Making matters worse, a police officer -- who thought he was helping -- was directing cars onto a closed ramp and that led to more cars needing to turn around too.

In all, Dallas police say 14 officers were assigned to help clear the collision and traffic tie-up that followed.

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