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Lavon Lake Watershed to Receive Federal Protection Funds

The Lavon Lake watershed of two watersheds in the state of Texas selected as a priority to receive funding


The Lavon Lake watershed has been selected by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to receive watershed protection funding.

Two priority watersheds in Texas, the Lavon Lake watershed and the Lampasas River watershed, have been chosen to receive approximately $2.28 million in watershed protection projects.

These projects will be geared towards reducing erosion and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus commonly found in fertilizer.

According to the North Texas Municipal Water District, watersheds are areas of land that water flows across, through, or under before ultimately draining into creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, or oceans.

The Lavon Lake watershed is comprised of 492,095 acres of land in parts of Collin, Fannin, Grayson, and Hunt Counties that capture and direct rainfall into creeks, streams, and rivers that flow into Lavon Lake.

The Lavon Lake watershed was selected as a priority project because it is a source of key drinking water for nearly 2 million North Texans.

"The primary focus of the Lavon Lake watershed protection plan is to prevent contaminants from entering Lavon Lake from surrounding cities, farms and ranchlands," David Cowan, NTMWD Watershed Manager, said. "This funding will help us with our mission of protecting water quality in this critical water source for North Texans," Cowan added.

The watershed funding is part of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 which includes protections for source water and drinking water supplies.

The bill, administered through the Natural Resources Conservation Service, aims to help farmers and ranchers implement conservation measures on their land to improve water quality.

The bill provides a direct benefit to agriculture producers and water utilities.

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