Latest Uptown Shooting Worries Neighbors

Aggravated Assault, which includes shootings that victims survive, is up in central Dallas, despite declines in other categories of crime

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Gunfire that wounded two people in a busy Uptown Dallas neighborhood Sunday night was a topic of concern among residents Monday.

The shooting happened on Howell Street near Worthington around 10 p.m.

One innocent victim who was caught in the crossfire was still in critical condition with a wound to the head Monday according to a friend who asked that her name be withheld.

Police said the second victim with a leg wound was located later at an area hospital. That person was evidently involved in the initial dispute that became violent.

Austin Jones who lives in an adjacent apartment building recorded cell phone video of the large police presence after the shooting.

“It's just not like it used to be. This area is one of the best in Dallas and now I don't think I'd let my dog go on a walk here,” Jones said.

Mercy Manhanga who lives there too said outsiders come to the neighborhood on weekends and get into fights.

“I think it has changed. Maybe it was because last year there was a pandemic and nobody was outside, but this year, definitely something has changed,” she said.

Last month, a person was wounded in another shooting that neighbors recorded on cell phone video.

The shooter was seen in the middle of McKinney Avenue firing at a vehicle that was driving away.

Dallas Police Association Vice-President Anthony Andujar is also a patrol sergeant who works the central patrol district, which includes Uptown and Deep Ellum.

In recent months, there’s been a spike in violent crime in the Deep Ellum area, too. 

“Once we started focusing a lot of attention on Deep Ellum, some of those characters that didn't want that kind of attention may have shifted their area where they're going to hang out,” he said.

Andujar said police presence makes a difference and current manpower around 600 officers below the peak in 2011 makes it difficult to maintain a strong presence everywhere.

He said Uptown problems have recently increased on Sundays what used to be a slow time and that the chance for violence grows later at night as bars close.

“When people have been drinking for a long time, tempers and emotions get really high,” he said.

Andujar said people who want to avoid late-night trouble in the entertainment areas should move away from the large gatherings that spill out from nightclubs. Those who are seeking a shared ride should arrange for pick up down the street and not in the crowd.

And he said it is best to leave well before closing time.

A witness who asked that her name be withheld said she is a friend of the bystander wounded Sunday on Howell Street. She said the man was in critical condition Monday.

“There were at least 30 shots that rang out,” she said.

Neighbor Jones said he is reconsidering his decision to live on Howell Street.

“If we can't get this under control, I'll have no choice but to leave because I don't want to be caught in the crossfire,” he said.

Police arrested Davion Whiting Hill, 22, for the Howell Street shooting. Public records show he has a prior conviction for a family violence assault in Fort Worth.  It was not clear Monday if Hill had an attorney. He could not be reached for comment.

The most recent Dallas crime figures available early Monday showed that through Thursday, October 21, overall violent crime is down 6.7% so far this year. But aggravated assault, which includes shootings where the victim survives, are up 2.0% city-wide. In the Central Patrol Division that includes Uptown and Deep Ellum, Aggravated Assault that is not family violence is ups 18.2%.

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