YouTube, Not Police, Gets Video of Late-Night Brawl

Fight in Dallas strip mall captured on cell phone camera

Dallas police said the first they heard of a late-night brawl in the parking lot of a Dallas strip mall was on a video-sharing Web site.

Video captured on a cell phone shows about six men fighting at a popular strip center on Knox Street near U.S. 75. The video surfaced on YouTube on Wednesday.

"I got it on tape, the cops need to see it," a person on the video says, and the comment is followed by laughter.

But the Dallas Police Department said it was not aware of the fight until it surfaced in cyberspace.

"The sad part about this whole thing is that nobody called the police," Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said. "We don't have any record of this incident taking place."

In the video, one man is shown pulling a gun, and another person is sprayed with mace.

"Someone could have gotten hurt; someone could have gotten killed," Janse said. "It's extremely disturbing."

According to Dallas police, crime in the Knox Henderson neighborhood has been going down in the past four months.

But with violent crimes such as the brawl going unreported, Janse said, "It concerns us stuff like this happens on our streets at night, and no one bothers to call us."

The person who posted the video to YouTube said he will turn it in to police first thing Thursday morning.

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