Last Minute Shoppers Love the Tradition

The countdown is on, but for some last minute shoppers, this is nothing new.

“I was sent on a trek. I was given directions December 2 to go pick this up. So today is D day,” said Ray Durham.

Ray is spending part of his day in front of a map at The Shops at Willow Bend, to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Others are just going to take their time

“I wait until the last minute because you can come to the mall, and you can actually see all of the people shopping for their friends and family. It kind of puts you in the Christmas spirit,” said Bryan Kennedy.

Kennedy has put two and half hours aside to buy all of his gifts. When we saw him, he had only bought one gift so far. For himself!

Santa Claus made a quick stop at the Shops at Willow Bend, and the Ashleys brought their son Theo.

“Today we cruised in, did the last minute Santa and made it happen,” said Robert Ashley.

For families, it is a way to spend time together.

“We are just kind of spending mommy-daughter time, and just last minute things,” said Laura Sullivan.

It is also a tradition. The Craddocks dress up as Santa’s helpers to walk through the mall.

“Last year we went and took pictures with Santa dressed like this, and people were loving it. They were like, Merry Christmas. They were so much happier, so we were like, this year let’s just do it again,” said Adela Craddock.

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