Last-Minute Toyota Sponsorship Saves Dallas Holiday Parade

Organizers of the Dallas Holiday Parade revealed Friday that a last-minute sponsorship by Toyota Motor North America, newly headquartered in Plano, will allow the event to take place this year.

The announcement came after organizers struggled to secure major funding for the parade after its past benefactor, Children's Health, pulled its sponsorship this past May.

The Holiday Parade last year was canceled last year due to inclement weather.

Organizers had a deadline of this week to meet the necessary $374,000 price tag for the event.

Funding from Toyota, along with several secondary sponsors, will allow the parade to go on.

"Toyota has just moved into the North Texas area, and we already felt at home based on the warm welcome that we received, so when we heard that there might not be a parade our thought was that can't be. There has to be a parade in our new home, we want to come see it. So we decided to step up and support this great parade for Dallas," said Chris Reynolds, executive vice president of corporate resources and chief diversity officer for Toyota Motor North America.

The parade is set for Saturday, Dec. 2, at 10 a.m.

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