Large Lots, Big Home Value in Parker, TX

Which city in Collin County has the highest average home value this year? According to the appraisal district, it's Parker!

Lucas, Prosper, Fairview and Frisco round out the top five.

Parker is best known for Southfork Ranch and Olympic Champion Nastia Liuken, but it’s the lifestyle that may be drawing people in.

The small, quiet city of about 4,400 people is quickly attracting new buyers.

"Having neighbors, but not ten feet away from you... is definitely something that interests us a lot,” said current California resident, Alan Dorsey.

With wide open lots, average market value is $615,000 - the most expensive in Collin County.

Old homes are now soaring in value and many new custom ones start around $600,000.

So what does that buy? A large property with more than an acre at Whitestone Estates.

"I mean the homes are very large. They say everything's bigger in Texas, well that's for sure. Three bedroom house with over 3-000 square feet, but it's wonderful,” Dorsey said.

Realtor Alyssa Tran doesn’t just sell in the area, she calls it home.

"Parker's kind of a hidden gem. People don't really know that it existed until maybe 2 to 3 years ago,” Tran said.

She said the people who look at the market there, are impressed by what it has to offer.

"I have two little toddlers and they just love looking at the cows, just there reaction it's just priceless because you don't get that in the city life,” Tran said.

Parker is also a feeder city for Plano and Allen ISD. Tran said that's one of the biggest attractions for families who either can't by into those areas or are looking for more space.

"I can't imagine that this would not be an area that fills quickly. Proximity to a highway, getting to where you need to get but still being out in the country is very, very nice,” Dorsey said.

Of course, not everyone can afford the price tag. On the low end of Collin County's average market value — Blue Ridge. Median home prices there are $112,872.

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