Jack Highberger

Lancaster Native Among Morehouse Students To Have Debt Paid By Billionaire

Morehouse Senior Josef Sorrels never imagined he'd leave his graduation this month with both a degree and a $57,000 gift.

During his commencement address, Billionaire Robert F. Smith pledged to pay off the debt of the entire graduating class. Sorrels, a native of Lancaster, owed $57,000.

"I remember seeing one of my other brothers stand up and all he did was raise his hands up in the sky and say 'thank you god, thank you god,'" Sorrels said.

Sorrels, who has applied to both Harvard and Emory University, plans to study divinity in graduate school. Sorrel's mother, who was in attendance, said Smith's gift is something she'll never forget.

"I instantly began to rejoice and think that's money we do not have to re-pay back," Wavera Sorrels said.

"To actually have someone that looks like you, that has been through struggles such as you and to see them give back, shows you that one day you can do the same," Josef Sorrels said.

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