Lancaster Girl Wins Best ‘Doodle for Google' in Texas

Chances are you’ve seen those alternate versions of the Google logo on its homepage. Some of them are done by kids and called Doodles for Google.

Google program manager and Dallas native Molly Bierman said the students were given one instruction for their doodle -- "I hope for the future."

One doodle came from a student at Elsie Robertson Middle School in Lancaster and boy did it catch the Google team's eyes.

"I was very impressed. I had to double-check the age. I was like, 'This is done by an 8th grader? Wow,'" said Bierman.

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That's what she thought after seeing Christelle Matildo's doodle, which includes renewable energy, peace for the LGBTQ community, advances in medicine, environmental protection and space exploration.

"I drew the icebergs the penguins and the polar bears because it's about global warming," said Matildo.

This is a huge deal for this young lady whose career goal is to work for the tech giant -- she may be a little quiet about it, but her mom sure isn't it.

"I've known for like a month and holding it back trying to keep it a secret and I asked her to dress nicely today and she said, 'No, we're going to have field day,' and I said just 'dress nicely.'"

Now her drawing represents Texas and goes up against Doodles for Google all over the country.

"It makes me nervous about it, so I'm going to text everybody who I know to vote for me," said Matildo.

I promised to pass the word along to a few million Texans out there. You can vote starting Monday, just CLICK HERE.

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