Lakewood Mom Fights to Change TxDOT Plans for Busy Intersection

Our neighborhood can’t hold all of the additional drivers" resident says

For the past eight months Sarah Lamb has been a mom on a mission.

“I just want to keep our community safe," said Lamb. "I never intended to help lead a coalition, but I’m passionate about this issue."

Lamb leads Lakewood Citizens for Responsible Traffic, a community group currently focused on the reconfiguration of a major intersection that leads into the Lakewood neighborhood in East Dallas.

Three streets, Gaston Ave., Garland Rd. and East Grand Ave. intersect. There are three street lights, but traffic can move in six different directions.

The Texas Department of Transportation has decided to redesign the intersection, but members of the community group do not agree on its proposed top option.

TxDOT's Option 1 would form a “T” at the intersection. Option 2, supported by the City of Dallas, would allow one lane of traffic to continue straight, but the majority of drivers would be forced on to Gaston Ave.

Lamb posted a petition which was then followed by the group creating a website. Now, signs posted along Gaston Ave. read, “Say No To Option 2.”

“We worry about the people who live and work off Gaston. Our neighborhood can’t hold all of the additional drivers. Its just not safe,” said Lamb.

According to TxDOT, “both Options 1 and 2 have the same traffic volumes. While there are concerns about the impact to Gaston Avenue with this project, Gaston is part of the City of Dallas' roadway system. TxDOT's job is to address safety and mobility concerns at this intersection. Additional concerns about other impacts along Gaston can be addressed by the City of Dallas."

TxDOT will hold another hearing this fall. A final decision has not yet been determined.

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