Grand Prairie

Some Lakefront Businesses Still Dealing With Flooding After Recent Storms

The Oasis restaurant in Grand Prairie is partially open, after flooding kept some customers away

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Heavy rain over the past several weeks flooded North Texas lakes, forcing some businesses to close just as the summer heats up.

The recent storms transformed the parking lot around The Oasis restaurant at Joe Pool Lake in Grand Prairie into a swimming pool.   

Ducks paddled around the water, as customers tried to find dry land to park. 

“I could not believe it was this flooded out here. But at the same point, it’s doable. I mean, you can come out here,” said Jonathan Scott, who visited The Oasis Saturday.  

The owner of The Oasis said after a summer spent largely isolated, people are ready to get on the water.

“There’s a lot of pent-up demand. People are wanting to get out,” owner Don Walker said.

This year, wet weather over Memorial Day weekend dried up business.

High water caused by heavy rain last week is raising safety concerns at North Texas lakes this Memorial Day weekend as people take the opportunity to get out on the water.

“When it rains, you can’t use the patio. So we’re out of business. We’re open when the weather is good and closed when it’s not,” Walker said.

He said the restaurant would open to full capacity in a few weeks -- just in time for summer and hopefully for a boost in business.

“I expect to have a real robust summer , what’s left of it,” Walker said.

At Grapevine Lake, high waters submerged barbecue grills, life jacket stands, and other structures, posing hidden dangers for swimmers and boaters.

Grapevine Fire Chief Darrell Brown said there was still flooding around Lake Grapevine, with water levels 10 feet above normal, and some parks were still closed.  

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