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Lake Worth Reopens to Joy of Holiday Boaters, Jet Skiers

Just when it looked like Jonathan Hurley and his friends might have to kick off their summer on dry land, their prayers for a Sunday on the lake were answered.

"We found out [Lake Worth] opened up yesterday evening," said Hurley, who lives in Keller. "Now we don't have to fight the masses at Eagle Mountain Lake."

Lake Worth was closed for the first part of the holiday weekend due to concerns about high water and boat wakes flooding homes along the shoreline.

But with no new rain over the last 48 hours, Fort Worth officials felt that lake levels had come down enough that they could reopen the boat launches.

Hurley and his friends couldn't get on the water soon enough.

"Lake Worth is -- now I'm telling everybody -- but it's the best kept secret," Hurley said. "It's a little past lunchtime and there's not a lot of people out here. So we got in and got out real quick, real easy -- so it worked out good."

They weren't the only ones who took advantage. 

Jose Esparza and Joseph Morrison got new jet skis just a few months ago -- and were itching to use them.            

"It's been a while since I've been on a jet ski," said Esparza, who was visiting from San Antonio. "So I'm pretty eager to get out there and get on."

"We heard [Lake Worth] was open today -- somebody told us," said Morrison, who lives near the lake. "So we decided to come out here and enjoy the day."

The first of many trips, they hope, so long as Mother Nature cooperates and lake levels stay where they should be.        

For a complete list of lakes and parks that are open and closed during the holiday weekend, click here.

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