Lake Lewisville Reopens After Flooding

Lake Lewisville is finally back open for boat traffic after being shut down for weeks due to flood waters.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced the reopening on Friday.

“I have been so excited that Lake Lewisville is open today,” said boater Lucy Woodard. “We have been watching the weather and watching the news throughout all of this flooding. The lake is way close up, but we are excited to take the boat out.”

“We got a lake day trip we have been planning for a while, and it just so happened it landed on this Friday,” said boater Adam Williams. “Today is the first day it’s back open, so we are definitely excited.”

The main reason the lake was closed to boat traffic was to prevent wakes caused by boats from flooding homes and property along the lake.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says there are still a lot of hazards on the lake, and boaters need to be careful. The flood waters have caused a lot of debris to be in the lake, and there are still many areas that are flooded. They also warn people that wildlife has been displaced. This includes fire ants and snakes.

You might have a difficult time getting your boat on the lake. All of the public boat ramps at Lake Lewisville are closed.

The only way you can get on the lake is if you have your boat at a marina.

“I think our captain will be just fine,” said Woodard. “We got the sunshine. We got our floats. We got a lot of food and beverages, so we are going to enjoy the lake today.”

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