Lake Highlands BBQ Raises Funds for Rape Victims

Saturday’s sixth annual "White Rock Que" brought together 1,600 neighbors to raise thousands of dollars for the victims of sexual assault.

It’s a charity close to the hearts of many in Lake Highlands where a serial rapist attacked three women in 2013.

“You know, it was a scary time in our neighborhood when these assaults were happening,” said co-founder Lizzie Pierce.

Pierce was the first of those victims. It was a traumatic and trying time, but she had help thanks to the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center from the moment she arrived at the hospital.

“A volunteer is there to meet you no matter what time to kind of hold your hand, guide you through the process and tell you what to expect. It’s a very traumatic experience. You can’t change your clothes. You can’t go to the bathroom. You can’t brush your teeth. You can’t drink anything, because they need to preserve the evidence. It’s a long process, and you have someone there who kind of understands what’s going on and can walk you through it and hold your hand,” said Pierce.

It was in the years that followed that Pierce and her neighbors, realized they could turn their annual barbecue competition between neighbors into a fundraiser to give back to DARCC.

So they moved from a Lake Highlands cul-de-sac to Oak Highlands Brewery, raising $5,000 the first year, $20,000 the next and $30,000 in 2017. This year, they’re confident they’ll raise even more.

“When something like this happens it’s a long process of healing, and being able to give back to the people who got me to the point I’m at today is just really meaningful,” said Pierce.

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