Lake Conditions Look Good for Holiday Weekend

Lake Lewisville hosts championship fishing tournament

Young fishermen competing for a national title started off the holiday weekend on Lake Lewisville.

The fish may be slow to bite, but this week's severe weather did not stop competitors and businesses from gearing up for the summer season.

"It's a little bit tougher," said Cody Napier, a college angler from Kentucky. "We've had a cold front come through Wednesday night and Thursday. It was chilly all day, so it's turned the bite off for some people."

Wade Middleton, director of the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship, said conditions at Lake Lewisville are clearing up.

"The lake's in great shape," he said. "It's a little bit windy  for bass fishing, but it's great for people out here enjoying the weekend."

The tournament wraps up Friday evening, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend crowd.

Businesses on Lake Lewisville such as Sneaky Pete's expect sunny skies to launch their summer season.

"We have been ramping up for about a month," manager Lee Hunter said. "There is obviously a lot to do with staffing, a lot to do with planning. There are a lot of repairs to do to get ready for the summer season. Normally, we receive one beer truck a week, but this week, we have received four."

It's a much-needed boost after a cold winter and stormy spring.

"Some of the palm trees, we have lost some of those because of the harsh winter," Hunter said.  "We are ready to have a great time."

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