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Lake Como community leaders, pastors, and elected officials gather to discuss recent mass shooting in neighborhood

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The Lake Como community came together Wednesday to discuss a recent mass shooting that shocked residents and neighbors.

The shooting happened just before midnight Monday night after the Comofest neighborhood celebration had ended.

Eleven people were shot and three died.

"It's just an unfortunate situation that after everyone is having a good time then tragedy happens," Como House of Fades owner Landter Goodrich said.

Goodrich was at the celebration but left before the shooting.

He's hoping something can be done to end the gun violence.

That's why Lake Como community leaders, including pastors, elected officials and law enforcement held a leadership meeting Wednesday afternoon.

More than 100 concerned citizens gathered at Como 1st Missionary Baptist Church to hear from them including Fort Worth police chief Neil Noakes.

"We know prevention is preferable every time instead of investigating an incident like that how about preventing it in the first place,” Noakes said to the crowd. “That does come back to investment. Investment in every community including the community of Lake Como."

Fort Worth City Councilman Jared Williams, who represents the area, said they also need more than just local help.

"We also need help from our state and federal partners,” Williams said. “Too often guns get in the wrong hands and unfortunately it impacts lives and communities."

All speakers said it will take the communities' help in fighting the gun violence.

Goodrich said it's important for young people to realize something about settling issues with guns.   

"If you take a life, you lose your life,” Goodrich said. “That's pretty much how it goes. If you take a life, you going to end up, you going to have to go to jail and your mom loses you to the system. So, think before you react".

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