Korean Community in North Texas Concerned After Latest Missile Launch

North Korea's most threatening missile launch yet has the many South Koreans living in North Texas worried.

"Many of Korean Americans in DFW especially, who their family is living in Korea, they're really concerned (about the) safety and security of South Korea," said Minjung Kim, general manager of AM 730 DKNET Radio in Dallas, the only Korean radio station in Texas.

"All the people who experienced the Korean War in 1950, they are really worrying about war in the Korean peninsula" Kim said.

Seong Wu now lives in Lewisville, but her parents are still in Seoul where she grew up.

"Most likely, they'll be OK, and yet the threat is still there," Wu said.

"The threats have been always constant all my life, the rumors there's going to be a war tomorrow morning. But this time, it has gotten too far," Wu said. "It's disappointing and disheartening at the same time."

Just last week, South Korean President Moon Jae-in was at the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump. On Monday, he met with former President Barack Obama.

North Korea's launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile only a day later, on July 4, sends chills through the North Texas Korean community.

"The peaceful unification of North and South is kind of going far away," said Jeremy Kim, chief producer at AM 730 DKNET Radio.

"I guess in a way, I am numb," Wu added. "But this has gotten too far this time."

Nearly 100,000 Koreans now call North Texas home.

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