Knitting Blankets for Harvey Victims

Like the swift spinning of Hurricane Harvey, the very fibers of their beings were pulled.

“So, we’re doing what we can to help them,” said Lynette Vierra, while knitting in a booth at STITCHES Texas at the Irving Convention Center.

Vierra is one of dozens at the convention center bringing their hooks and needles together to make blankets for Harvey victims.

“A small helping hand or a push along the way can make someone’s day and really give them the hope that they need to continue,” said knitter Christopher Levisay.

Dionne Pinder, with Warm Up America!, showed us bags of afghans that had already been dropped off Friday morning.

“If I’m making a blanket for someone, that’s like giving them a hug that they get to wrap around themselves when I’m not there.” Nathania Apple said.

Apple said she usually knits for those she loves.

“The investment of my time — is time that I spend thinking about them when they’re far away from me. And I get a little choked up when I think about that,” Apple said.

But this time, she’s pouring her love into people she’s never met.

“They’re not strangers in that sense, we can see ourselves in those people. We can understand that someday our family might need that kind of help,” Apple said.

And like the squares of the Texas Afghan they plan to raffle off, the people who made them are also coming together to bring comfort.

STITCHES Texas continues at the Irving Convention Center through Sept. 17.

Along with making and collecting blankets, STITCHES is also donating half of their ticket profits to the Houston Food Bank. To learn more about the various efforts to help people in Southeast Texas after Hurricane Harvey, click on their website: http://www.knittinguniverse.com/WeCare

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