“Kissing Sailor” Falls on Hard Times

A Navy veteran who insists he is the man in the so-called "kissing sailor" photo taken in Times Square has fallen on hard times.

82-year-old Glenn McDuffie insists he's the man in the iconic Times Square photo.

A Houston police forensic scientist said McDuffie has passed 10 polygraph tests, proving "beyond a doubt" that he is the kissing sailor.

"I never received any money for that picture but it's been fun, I speak about it to groups across the country," McDuffie said from the Dallas Veterans Administration Hospital.

McDuffie is set to be discharged after coming to Dallas to have his hip replaced. The problem is he's having a hard time finding an affordable assisted living facility to move into.

His daughter lives in small apartment in North Texas that's not equipped to handle McDuffie's wheelchair or round the clock care.

"I can find a million assisted living places that will take him, but they all cost lots of money he doesn't have and I don't have," said McDuffie's daughter Glenda Bell.

V.A. social workers said they think they have found a temporary place for McDuffie to move into.

McDuffie's daughter hopes it becomes permanent. Her friends hope North Texans will hear McDuffie's story and come to his aid.

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