Kipenzi Makes Dallas Zoo Debut

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People around the world watched on their smart phones and tablets as she came  into the world, now the Dallas Zoo's baby giraffe makes her public debut.

Kipenzi --  pronounced kih-PEHN'-zee -- was born April 10 and made her public debut in the Giants of the Savanna exhibit Friday.

Hundreds of fans were on hand Friday to cheer for Kipenzi as she walked into the public feeding yard for the first time.

Kipenzi ran around the yard and ate some leaves, but generally stuck close to her mother, Katie.

Kipenzi is 6-feet tall now, but in three years she'll be 15-feet-tall and weigh 1,800 pounds.

Kipenzi has only met two other giraffes at the zoo but will meet more in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile the Dallas Zoo is celebrating another achievement, the Giants of the Savanna exhibit has been named the No. 3 zoo habitat in the nation and best in Texas.

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