Tell Me Something Good: Community ISD Students Make Sure No One Eats Alone

The Nevada, Texas school district celebrated National No One Eats Alone Day

The school lunchroom is a loud, busy place, yet it can also be a lonely place for a kid who doesn't have friends.

That's why schools across the country take part in National No One Eats Alone Day, an initiative of a nonprofit called Beyond Differences. No One Eats Alone Day was recognized Friday, Feb. 15.

The Community ISD in Nevada embraced the idea and what the kids did is today's Tell Me Something Good.

Students at Edge Middle School combined No One Eats Alone Day and Valentine's Day to spread random acts of kindness in the lunchroom.

Sabreana Smith Marsh, the district's director of public relations, said a group of students in each grade was picked to hand out written compliments during lunch to classmates they didn't usually sit with or know very well

Along with the compliments, students also got a coupon for free chocolate-covered strawberries and cookie.

Marsh said passing out and receiving the compliments was enjoyed as much as the treats.

Best of all, Marsh said, was a lunchroom "full of smiles as students enjoyed getting to know some new friends."

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