Kevin Felder Returns to Dallas City Council Following Arrest

Dallas City Councilman Kevin Felder returned to City Hall Wednesday for the first time since surrendering to authorities and posting bond on Tuesday.

He was arrested on one count of accident involving serious bodily injury following a Dallas police investigation into claims he struck a scooter rider with his car, then left the scene without rendering aid.

Felder's attorney said his client is innocent and that no such collision actually took place.

Felder, himself, has not commented publicly on the matter -- and simply said "good morning" to NBC 5 cameras as he walked into City Hall Wednesday.

There was no mention of his arrest or the alleged incident during Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Earlier in the week, Mayor Mike Rawlings told reporters he wanted Felder "to have his day in court" and that he had assurances from the City Manager that the case would be thoroughly investigated.

The council carried on its business as usual, pressing forward with discussions about continuing the city's longtime juvenile curfew.

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