Kennedale Police Making ‘Good Progress’ in Student’s Killer

Kennedale police say they’re making “good progress” in the search for the person who fatally shot an 18-year-old Arlington Martin High School student.

Carl Wilson Jr. was shot Monday afternoon, and a growing shrine at the scene now includes flowers, balloons, candles and signs in his memory.

It’s a symbol of a family and community in mourning as Kennedale Police continue their search for his killer.

“It’s a very complex case,” said Kennedale Police Chief Tommy Williams. “It has not gotten any less complex the deeper we get into it.”

Williams said new tips have come in every day this week and his investigators have put in multiple 12-plus hour days following up on each one.

The Texas Rangers are now assisting Kennedale police with the investigation. An SUV they seized earlier in the week is currently being analyzed by the Texas Department of Public Safety crime lab in Garland.

“I think we’ve made some very good progress. We’ve made some very good headway,” said Williams. “But we’re getting to a point now where everything needs to be committed to paper, gathered up and organized to see exactly where we are.”

Through the course of their investigation, police now believe as many as 20 people were at the scene just before the shooting happened to witness whatever was going to take place there.

Investigators are asking those people to come forward with any information, pictures or video. They have the option of reaching out to police anonymously using the website

Williams said they’re also interested in talking to any witnesses who may have inadvertently been asked to leave the scene when officers first tried to contain it.

“That’s what we’re talking about, is trying to get that one little piece that connects all the other pieces together,” said Williams.

A visitation and wake for Wilson were held Friday in Fort Worth. His funeral will take place Saturday at Lake Arlington Baptist Church at 12:30 p.m.

Wilson’s mother, Judith Love, told NBC 5 in a phone conversation that all she wants right now is “justice for my son.”

“They deserve justice,” said Williams. "They deserve to see someone answer for a crime committed against someone they loved and cared about.”

He said he and his department don’t intend to stop until they make that happen.

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