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Student Claims School Denied Her Lesbian Promposal Plan

A high school student in the Keller Independent School District asked the district to overturn its decision to ban on-campus "promposals," or prom invitations from one student to another.

Casey Akers, 16, said administrators stopped her when she was about to "prompose" to her female friend. She said she's seen promposals on campus before and thinks she was stopped because she and her friend are gay.

"I gave them all the details before. They say it’s fine. They find out who I am asking, then say it’s not fine," Akers said.

Akers sent a direct message about what happened to a friend on Twitter. Akers' friend who tweeted a screenshot of the message — with Casey’s permission — and it didn’t take long for the hash-tag campaign #LetCaseyPromposal to take off.

“People are tweeting me from all over the U.S.," Akers said. "I had someone tweet from Toronto, Canada. This is spreading like crazy, and all I want to do is get the word out.”

Casey will still attend prom with her friend, and her supporters want Keller ISD to reverse its decision.

Keller ISD posted the following statement on its website:

"In response to recent social media posts regarding “promposals” at our high school campuses, Keller ISD does not grant permission for any student, regardless of gender, to conduct public prom invitations, or promposals, on campus during the school day. Any previous promposals that have occurred have done so without District approval. Promposals, and other similar public displays, may create a disruption to the academic setting, therefore they are not allowed for any student."

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