Keller ISD school board meeting grows heated over potential pronoun policy changes

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In Keller Tuesday night, a school board meeting turned heated about potential policy changes surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, including pronoun usage.

That debate focused on two policies, including whether to require students to use restrooms and locker rooms, and other facilities based on the sex they were assigned at birth.

And similarly, determining that teachers and other district staff cannot promote or require pronouns for a student or any person that don’t match those on their birth certificate.

Both had the community divided.

Nearly 40 people signed up to share their thoughts, both in support of the board’s suggested policies, and against them.

“Pupils and families who have their own religious beliefs should not be treated unfairly or disruptively when something that is so twisted is being taught in classrooms for young children and students of my age group. I ask that all lessons and discussions of gender ideology be removed,” said one student.

“Words have power. They can build up or tear down. They can affirm or negate. The seemingly simple act of acknowledging a child’s pronouns is a powerful statement. It tells them, I see you. I accept you. You matter,” a resident said.

Speakers included parents, current and retired teachers, residents, and even a student, all split on the role that Keller ISD should play when it comes to how students identify themselves.

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