Keller ISD Installing New Emergency Response System

From panic alarms to lock down drills, school districts across the country are increasing security and building emergency action plans.

The Keller Independent School District recently added a new security tool, the “Telecenter U System,” which will alert campuses of an emergency with the touch of one button.

The district has six security measures in place throughout all 41 buildings. The new system will be the seventh security measure and will help protect the 40,000 students, teachers, and administrators at Keller ISD.

The telephone systems will be placed at the front desk of each building. The system is synchronized throughout the district, with pre-recorded emergency messages on the phone.

“We are always looking for new ways through technology to keep the students safe,” said Kevin Kinley, the director of security and safety at Keller ISD.

“We are the one industry that doesn’t get a second chance to get things right," Kinley said.

"We have to make sure we are prepared. The new system will make sure there is a line of defense on the front end of the school. An administrator would have to go to the hand set, go to the desired emergency, push a button, and then hang up. An alert sound will be heard throughout the school and a pre-reordered message will sound on what to do,” said Kinley.

There are 16 systems installed throughout Keller ISD, and 23 others will be added in the coming months.

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