Keller ISD Hopes to Squash Senior Pranks

District ups security after last year's pranks

The Keller school district is making changes in hopes of preventing senior pranks like the ones students pulled at three high schools last year.

The Keller Independent School District said in a statement Monday that it was paying close attention to "any kind of threat or the potential of 'senior pranks.'"

"Campus administrators are enhancing security measures with an increased presence of staff and security personnel during passing and lunch periods and have installed additional security cameras," the district said.

Last year, seniors at Timber Creek High School dumped liquid and baby oil in a hallway and released crickets, birds and rats into the school. Keller High School seniors had a "Hunger Games"-themed prank with fake swords. In the ensuing melee, students hopped on lockers and threw flour on the floor. And students at Central High School had a food fight.

Blake Kelly, a senior at Keller High last year, told NBC 5 that the school had no security.

"Assistant principals were going nuts, grabbing kids," he said. "It was nothing good."

Eight students at Central High School and four from Timber Creek were not allowed to participate in graduation because of the pranks.

"Keller ISD has high-quality students who we trust and respect, and we do not want a few misguided decisions to cause harm to other students or our schools," the district said in its statement Monday.

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