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Keller Central Senior Makes Extra Special Promposal

It's prom season across North Texas, and on Thursday in Keller a special young man got a big surprise from his special friend.

With a handful of balloons and big sign for her date, Kenzi Miller went to great lengths to make her friend Cameron Barnhart feel special.

Cameron's mom, Rebecca Barnhart, was in on the surprise, too.

"Oh, we're so excited. This is going to be a big surprise for Cameron," Rebecca Barnhart said. "She could have asked anybody."

Kenzi has known Cameron since elementary school, and he's had a big impact on her life.

"That's when I decided I wanted to be a special needs teacher, in fifth grade," said Kenzi, a senior a Keller Central High School.

Cameron has Williams Syndrome, but he doesn't let his disability slow him down. He's a fixture at the school's football games.

And last year he took Kenzi to his special needs prom.

So this year Kenzi wants to take Cameron to her senior prom.

And with the help of Central High School's marching band, they made enough noise to draw out the neighbors, and Cameron, too.

"He's had a pair of drum sticks in his hand since he was a baby, so he's gonna freak out when he sees y'all," Rebecca Barnhart said.

Cameron didn't say much, but his mom said it best.

"It's really special, it's emotional, because every special needs parent wants their child to be accepted and liked and to have the same opportunities," Rebecca Barnhart said.

"It's emotional, because I want that for a lot of kids. There is a lot of bullying and mean kids, and when you get one, especially like Kenzi that makes a difference in a child's life, a friends life – says hi, includes them – it's the greatest thing that a parent could see for her child," she added.

Friday is Cameron's 19th birthday, and there's still work to do before prom night.

"I still need to figure out what dress I'm wearing," Kenzi said.

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